Recipe: ‘Pasta’ La Vista Shrimpy

I’ve been doing Weight Watchers since the beginning of January and have lost 20 pounds so far! I’ve had a few weeks of just maintaining and really want to see some progress this week.

But of course by dinner tonight I was low on points and groceries.

I decided to make up a shrimp scampi-ish recipe out of stuff I had in my fridge.


Specifically, I wanted to try out this Skinny Pasta that is only 1 point for the whole bag. I’ve seen people use it on Instagram and was curious if I could really get the feeling that I’m eating pasta for only 1 point! It’s not sold everywhere, but I was able to find it at Fresh Thyme.


When I cook, I measure some things, eyeball other ingredients, and just kinda hope for the best.

I decided to make the dish with chicken too for added protein.

First I cooked up the chicken breast and sauteed it with Himalayan pink salt (no idea if it tastes different, I just liked the grinder at Trader Joe’s), black pepper, and a little olive oil.

Once it was cooked I put it aside and in the same skillet heated 3/4 a cup of fat free chicken stock, and a bunch of minced garlic (maybe 3 heaping tablespoons?). I have no idea how to really cook with chicken stock but I figured it would cook down a bit if I let it simmer.

Then I added a few chunks of thawed red bell pepper and the shrimp.

While that was all workin’ together I followed the directions for the skinny pasta. You had to drain it from this water in the bag…rinse it for a minute under warm water…then sautee it for 2-3 minutes.

Well I did all that… and once everything was combined, I added a sprinkle of parmesan cheese.


The results were basically terrible. The flavor was great, the chicken and shrimp were cooked, but the skinny pasta was inedible. It was hard but chewy, and the texture was kind of like a soagy version of those decorative wiggly things that comes with sesame chicken.

I have no idea if I cooked it wrong or missed a step, but it was not successful.

I ate the chicken and shrimp and just threw the rest away.

Not an ideal meal to start off the weekend but at least I tried something new!

I’m counting the whole meal as 3 points since it was basically just chicken stock, garlic, and olive oil.

A Pug’s Life

According to the hashtags I’ve been seeing on social media today, it’s National Pet Day! And let’s be honest, I will use any excuse to show off pictures of my pugs.

If you have never met a pug, they have some very distinct qualities. They are stubborn, lazy, loyal, and loud. Even when they aren’t doing anything, both my pugs “snortle”…which is basically a cross between a deep sigh and a snort. To some, a constant snortle in your ear would be absolutely maddening, but I find it hilarious… but maybe it’s just because I’m obsessed with them.

I am so obsessed with my pugs, they were the ring bearer and flower girl at our wedding.


Lola is almost 6 years old, and Ganon is nearly 3. Fun fact: they were born on the same exact day, three years apart!


Lola has been my Ride or Die since the day I got her, and when my husband and I moved in together we got Ganon so he could be “his” dog. Instead, Lola became an independent pug who don’t need no owner. Meanwhile, Ganon became extremely, insanely, obsessed with me. I can’t go anywhere without him following me and sitting on me.


So when we found out we were pregnant, of course the pugs had to be involved in the announcement.


After Nora was born, it took a few days for the pugs to get adjusted to their new sister. But since then it has been cuteness overload. Nora loves to pet them and grab at them. And now that she can crawl, she is constantly after them. They are so patient with her. The pugs even break into the nursery when I’m trying to put her to bed.

As you can see, every day is Pug Day in our house, but an extra Happy National Pet Day from this crazy pug lady!

Hey There!


(What’s This For?)

I am a first-time-mom from Michigan and I am trying to get back to my writing roots. I used to write in a number of journals, keep a few personal blogs, and I ran my high school newspaper. I even won “Rockin’ Writer” for my senior class mock elections. But since then I have let life get in the way and I sadly drifted away from writing. But that is about to change!

My goal for this blog is to share personal stories, recipes, craft projects, motherhood tips and struggles, and more. Not only am I doing it for myself, but I am doing it for my daughter to encourage her to explore her interests and live life with passion and purpose!


(General Tidbits/Family Overview)

I have lived in The Mitten for most of my life and love it here! (I could do without the potholes and snow in April, though).

I have been with my husband for over 7 years (married 2 1/2 years). We have an amazing 8-month-old daughter, Nora. We also have two ridiculous pugs, Lola and Ganon.

I am such a big crafter that I have a room dedicated to it! I quilt, embroider, crochet, and vinyl. I love to take on projects and try out new things. I prefer to freestyle my projects and sometimes that ends up with hilarious failures (which I’ll be sure to document here for your amusement).

I keep it real and sometimes that includes a few swear words (hence the blog name). I am so excited to get started and look forward to the future of Handle with Swear.



(yup, that acronym is the one you think it is)