A Pug’s Life

According to the hashtags I’ve been seeing on social media today, it’s National Pet Day! And let’s be honest, I will use any excuse to show off pictures of my pugs.

If you have never met a pug, they have some very distinct qualities. They are stubborn, lazy, loyal, and loud. Even when they aren’t doing anything, both my pugs “snortle”…which is basically a cross between a deep sigh and a snort. To some, a constant snortle in your ear would be absolutely maddening, but I find it hilarious… but maybe it’s just because I’m obsessed with them.

I am so obsessed with my pugs, they were the ring bearer and flower girl at our wedding.


Lola is almost 6 years old, and Ganon is nearly 3. Fun fact: they were born on the same exact day, three years apart!


Lola has been my Ride or Die since the day I got her, and when my husband and I moved in together we got Ganon so he could be “his” dog. Instead, Lola became an independent pug who don’t need no owner. Meanwhile, Ganon became extremely, insanely, obsessed with me. I can’t go anywhere without him following me and sitting on me.


So when we found out we were pregnant, of course the pugs had to be involved in the announcement.


After Nora was born, it took a few days for the pugs to get adjusted to their new sister. But since then it has been cuteness overload. Nora loves to pet them and grab at them. And now that she can crawl, she is constantly after them. They are so patient with her. The pugs even break into the nursery when I’m trying to put her to bed.

As you can see, every day is Pug Day in our house, but an extra Happy National Pet Day from this crazy pug lady!

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